Thunder Visits Shamie Hall

Thunder delivered five large pizzas to Shamie Hall last week.  He was very happy to meet many first year students, but he was very disappointed that all the pizza was gone before he got a slice.  We heard many positive comments about favorite classes, how happy students were about their choice to attend Nichols, and the assignments students were working on in the lounge.  Thunder observed that some were doing more talking than working, but he was happy to see all the activity.  Thunder will be attending some athletic events this week, but he is very social and is always looking for opportunities to meet more students.

Field Hockey Seniors

Alexa Boucher, Chelsea Correia and Lauren Correia, three of four seniors on the Field Hockey Team, visited me this morning.  We talked about Alexa’s internship with and job offer from Target.  I thought only accounting students had offers this early in the academic year!  Now the rest of you seniors need to get busy and let me know about the offers you receive.  We also talked about what they like best about Nichols.  At the top of the list was a true sense of community and caring faculty and staff.

Meeting Athletic Teams

Nichols college Football TeamI had the pleasure of meeting our football team at a recent practice.  They asked me fun questions like “What’s your favorite sport” (you’ll have to ask one of them for my answer) and more pointed questions about our tuition costs and food options.  My schedule is starting to fill with visits to athletic events and other college-related activities.  Thunder was upset that he didn’t accompany me to the football field and complained that he’s been couped up for a week now.  Where do you think he should make his next appearance?