Thunder Visits Shamie Hall

Thunder delivered five large pizzas to Shamie Hall last week.  He was very happy to meet many first year students, but he was very disappointed that all the pizza was gone before he got a slice.  We heard many positive comments about favorite classes, how happy students were about their choice to attend Nichols, and the assignments students were working on in the lounge.  Thunder observed that some were doing more talking than working, but he was happy to see all the activity.  Thunder will be attending some athletic events this week, but he is very social and is always looking for opportunities to meet more students.

3 thoughts on “Thunder Visits Shamie Hall

    • Thunder is our bison mascot. I take a small, stuffed bison with me on trips out of town and here and there on campus. Poor guy is barely visible in the picture taken at Shamie – he’s in the middle of the table.

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