Thunder & Softball

Women’s Softball split their home opening doubleheader with Westfield State yesterday.

Thunder enjoyed watching the team and was impressed that the Women’s Lacrosse team was in the stands cheering on their classmates (and trying to remember which of the Correia twins was #9 versus #11).

The 10 Things Interviewers Want to Know has an interesting article entitled “10 Things Interviewers Really Want to Know.” The “top ten” point to important characteristics such as teamwork, integrity and motivation. This reinforces my philosophy that it’s the soft skills that make a hard impression!

EAB Dinner

Had the pleasure of hosting Executive Advisory Board (EAB) members at the house for dinner last night. We talked about things that should never change at Nichols as well as areas for improvement.

This picture (left to right) – Stefany Mendez’ ’13 lovely nails, Mike (I’m always this happy) Kowal ’13, Pat (let nothing stain my shirt) Hoey ’15, Stephen (should I raise my pinky while drinking tea) Mack ’13, and Robert (the weather’s fine at this end of the table) Russo ’12.