Alumnus Jack MacPhail ’65

During the September 21 and 22 homecoming weekend, it was a pleasure for me to meet up with many of our alumni. A special highlight of the weekend was the Alumni Awards Ceremony on Friday evening.

During that event, one of the award recipients, alumnus John “Jack” D. MacPhail ’65 delivered a speech that eloquently captures what many alumni have told me about Nichols. Here is an excerpt from his talk.

As I look back at my time at Nichols and wondered why I travelled the distance to be here and will continue to come this distance, I realized this: Very simply, Nichols took me in, nourished me, grew me, sometimes coddled me, sometimes was much more aggressive with me and in the end, brought out my potential and made me feel very good about myself. So, I think that’s what makes this place so special.

I think of it very much as an incubator, a place where women and men of previously undiscovered talent come, are nourished and are launched out after that four-year cycle Susan talks about in her writings, to very simply flourish many times beyond where they ever thought they could get to. That’s the ultimate draw for me to this very special place on the Hill.

And so I’d close with this: Look around you, take a run up to Dresser Hill Road tomorrow and look back at this very special, beautiful place. In my opinion, much of the work has been done: The physical part is impressive; the faculty first rate; the administration equally first rate-all that work has been done.

Thank you Jack for sharing about Nichols’ memories so close your heart. Your words will ring true for years to come.

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