Educating Student Voters

During these past two weeks on campus, just as the presidential, state and local campaigns were heating up, Nichols students had the opportunity to participate in programs featuring political experts.

The programs, presented by the school’s Fischer Institute and History and Political Science departments, were aimed at election–year issues, helping students become more informed about the candidates, and encouraging them to get out and vote. From pre-election analysis by a former White House Speech Writer and Presidential Scholar to a Nichols grad who is director of a political library, students gained valuable insights into the election process.

Why did Nichols put such an emphasis on the recent election? I believe that the College has a responsibility to do all it can to inform students about the issues that our politicians will need to address. And we strive to present both sides of the argument, so students can determine what position is most consistent with their individual beliefs.

Ultimately, college students hold the future of the nation in their hands. It is vital for them to vote in order to influence how our nation will respond to the critical issues we face on topics such as the national debt, taxes, immigration policy, and defense.

As a follow-up to the speakers, on Election Day Nichols student body cast ballots in its long-running presidential straw poll to choose the next president. A student-run election night event gave students the opportunity to follow the election night results via CNN on a large screen. Students were able to have their picture taken with a (cardboard photo) of the candidate and participate in games, refreshments and prizes.

Hopefully, as a result of these educational and fun events on campus, students will leave Nichols with a more educated and informed view of the political process.

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