The Student Center Dedication: What a Great Day!

This past Friday, it was inspiring to see a room packed with students, staff, trustees, and a number of other notable individuals as we dedicated the opening of the new Fels Student Center. Through the past two years, it’s been exciting for all of us to watch the building rise up from the ground, brick by brick, floor by floor.

The new student center was already in the works when I arrived at Nichols, thanks to the guidance and vision of Jerry Fels (interim president at the time). Through his leadership on the board of trustees and as interim president, this building grew from concept to reality. Without his vision and student-centered approach, the center would not be nearly as inviting and useful for our students and the departments that serve them.

The success of our students and other young people in the community is a major part of the Fels’ mission. This is perhaps one of the key reasons that we are so proud to call this building the Fels Student Center. It unites the campus in a way no other building can and promotes the connections and community building that Marilyn and Jerry have devoted their lives to.

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving season, I want to express the College’s gratitude to the Fels and our many other generous donors who made this building possible.

I invite you to come to campus and visit the Fels Student Center with the WOW Cafe (and their wings!), Jazzman’s Café, and the College Bookstore. I know that you too will enjoy the beautiful view and the welcoming environment.

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