Thanks for your ideas!

Many departments across campus have been working hard at taking student requests and making them reality.  After chatting with some people around campus, I learned that we’ve recently done many things to make the student experience even that much better.

Since last fall, we have:

  • added study spaces
  • added vending machines
  • provided lockers for commuter students
  • extended library hours
  • repainted residence hall areas
  • enhanced Wi-Fi coverage
  • developed an online store for athletics gear
  • added Union Station to the shuttle schedule
  • placed game tables in the Fels Center, and
  • extended the hours of food operation in the Fels Center.

There are many other projects that were completed and are currently underway, too.  These projects demonstrate Nichols’ collaborative environment.  We are all here to help and work together to accomplish as much as we can for our students and the entire campus community.  Any reasonable request will be reviewed—we are happy to listen!

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