How prepared are graduates for the workplace?

On Wednesday, March 13, Nichols trustee, Robert Kuppenheimer ’69, hosted the annual appreciation dinner for faculty and their guests, an event he has sponsored for the past 14 years.

This year’s speaker was Peter Lynch ’74, former Chairman, President and CEO of Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. Given his extensive experience in the business world, Peter was an ideal choice to speak about “How prepared are graduates for the workplace.”

During his talk, Peter listed several skills that he thinks are critical for graduates’ success in the workplace, some of which included:  people skills, leadership, teamwork, ethical responsibility and communication. He said that at the end of the day, leadership is what it’s all about.

This type of event is just one of the many ways that Kuppy, as he is fondly called, supports Nichols and its mission. Given our faculty’s contributions to the success of the College, he feels that it’s important to have an enjoyable and educational event for them. Faculty appreciate this professional development opportunity which they can share with each other and their guests.

Kuppy and Peter are two great examples of our alumni who fondly remember their time on the Hill and credit much of their success to Nichols. We are fortunate to have such terrific supporters and friends of the College.

A Fun Foosball Game

Yesterday I teamed up with Economics Professor, Hans Despain, to take on students in a healthy game of Foosball in the Fels Center. It was intended to be a challenge game with a certain unnamed rugby player who didn’t show. But we corralled some students willing to take us on! I don’t mean to brag (ha!), but we won two of three games. The first game was a blowout – we skunked them at 5-0!

So, the challenge is on—anyone interested in trying to take the crown from us?