Campus Comes Alive with New Students

In the past several weeks, the campus has welcomed more than 350 students for New Student Orientation sessions.  Fortunately, the weather cooperated by providing sunny, breezy days on the Hill!

For students, the activities were geared towards helping them become acclimated to campus life, easing their apprehension, and walking them through the registration process. The feedback was positive with participants offering comments such as “. . . excited to come here, change myself, meet new people and a get a fresh start . . . Everyone did a great job making me feel welcome and a part of Nichols College . . . and it was a lot of fun. I don’t want to go home.”

Demonstrating their support and commitment to their student’s success, nearly 300 parents and guests attended a number of sessions designed to prepare them for the transition as well.

As I talked with parents, they expressed their appreciation for the informative sessions. In fact, the sessions went so well that one father said he wished that he could attend Nichols! Other parents responded with comments ranging from “. . . a very-well organized and informative affair . . . excellent! Comprehensive and well-planned . . . Faculty/Staff are very impressive, and I am pleased that my daughter is coming to Nichols . . . everything, as always on our visits, was awesome.”

Many thanks go out to the entire student involvement staff who worked hard to create informative, interactive and fun events. In addition, kudos to the entire facilities staff whose efforts and attention to detail make these events run smoothly. Well done!

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