How are we preparing students for the future?

I recently read an article on the website entitled, “19 Transferable Skills That Will Be Most Valuable In The Future” and thereby cannot be “replicated through the use of machines or offshore workers.”  In the article, the author identifies skills such as “time management,” “speaking,” and “active learning,” as those which cannot be transferred.

As we begin a new school year and welcome a new group of first-year students, I believe it is time again for us to celebrate the ways in which we shape our students and provide them with the tools they will need to prepare for their future careers. Our
responsibility is to provide students with the resources and opportunities to
develop these skills.

We continue to evaluate the ways we can (and do!) accomplish this both inside and outside of the classroom. For example, our first-year Professional Development Seminar (PDS) provides tools for better time management. Our focus on communication skills is developed in the required course “Effective Speaking.”  Hands-on course content and projects help students deepen their knowledge and understanding through “active learning.”

In addition, with many students completing more than 50 presentations during their college experience, they become adept at presenting content and utilizing their instruction and persuasion skills.

As we move forward, I am confident that we will continue to integrate these skills into our students’ curricular and co-curricular experience. We have a group of dedicated faculty and staff who work hard to ensure our students are prepared for the future.

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