IWL Hosts Salary Negotiation Workshop

three women standing

Here at Nichols, we are always looking for opportunities to develop our female students’ leadership skills. On November 13, the Institute for Women’s Leadership, in cooperation with the American Association of University Women (AAUW), hosted the $mart $tart Salary Negotiation Workshop. Recognizing that women are still underpaid compared to their male counterparts, this workshop was a positive encouragement to our students. The results were evident in the post-workshop surveys. Before the workshop, 25% of those women attending stated they were “not at all confident of their salary negotiation skills.” After the workshop, none of them rated themselves in this category and nearly 50% rated themselves as either “very confident” or “extremely confident.” We will continue to offer these types of opportunities for our female students with the goal that we can help develop the next generation of female business leaders.

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