Student for a Day

Attending ClassIt’s been many years since I have been in the classroom as a student, but on March 31 I traded places with senior Chad Weeks who was selected to be “President for a Day.” I had a great deal of fun in the classes and was excited to learn new information, although I am embarrassed to admit that I was up until 1:00 am preparing for class! I had the best intentions of preparing well in advance, but my job and life seemed to get in the way. I wonder if that sounds familiar to students.

As I walked across campus, I particularly enjoyed the number of students who said, “Hi Chad.” In addition, while I was studying in the library, students whom I have not talked with in the past approached me to ask questions or provide suggestions.

My first class of the day was a Statistics class with Professor Naigles. I spent the time furiously taking notes with the hope that it would help Chad prepare for his exam at the end of the week! The next class was Organizational Behavior with Professor Trottier. The topic of the day was Entrepreneurship and I was able to share some stories from when I was new graduate starting a small business. My class day ended with Professor Fleury-Lawson’s Principles of Information Systems class. I participated in a debate about the value of textbooks given the explosion of e-resources. I appreciated the team including me in the planning and presentation and hope they are happy with how it went! All three of the classes were dynamic, interesting, and great learning experiences. They reminded me of why I always hear from alumni – whether they graduated 5 or 50 years ago – that our faculty made their experience at Nichols both valuable and memorable.Playing Madden

I wanted to live the day as Chad does, so that even included having a lively lunch conversation with Chad’s buddies, Tyler Barnes and Christian Gil. Later in the afternoon, I received a tweet from Chad’s roommate asking if I wanted to play the popular sports video game, Madden, with them. I had a great time chatting with the guys but am really lousy at Madden.

Looking back on the experience, I am excited about the lessons I learned and the students I met and am already looking forward to the experience to the next year!

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