Emerging Leaders Kickoff Event

Emerging Leaders Presentation

On April 19, Nichols College’s Emerging Leaders Program officially kicked off.  This program is an incredible opportunity for our students that offers a speakers series, internships, and community service opportunities throughout their four years.

During the event, the students were engaged in several activities including a mini networking type activity called “speed acquainting” and a group project where they designed a t-shirt for the Emerging Leaders Program. It was interesting to see the variety of innovative ideas that emerged from that exercise and amazing to watch the teams present their designs and the rationale for creating them. The level of poise, ability to articulate their thoughts, and the apparent sense of teamwork within each group was remarkable. In fact, the judges had such a difficult time selecting a winner that the competition actually ended in a tie!Emerging Leaders Student Presentation

Applying for this program requires dedication and commitment and I commended the students for taking advantage of this opportunity to further develop their leadership skills. After all, leadership is one of the top skills employers seek in new hires. A recent Bloomberg survey of recruiters determined that leadership is one of the most desired but least common skills: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2015-job-skills-report/. Fortunately, our students begin to develop these skills from the first day they arrive on campus.

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