A Capital Idea

When it comes to making Nichols attractive, affordable, and educationally rewarding to students, we’ve come far in the past three years. Now we’re embarking on an ambitious public comprehensive campaign to raise $45 million—by far the largest such initiative in Nichols history—with an eye to continuing the College’s academic and physical growth and to making every effort to keep the education that we provide affordable.

We have named the fundraising initiative Securing a Legacy of Leadership, and we are well on our way to seeing it through. The campaign runs until the end of June 2017. Once again, the past few years have been good to us by providing a head start in the form of generous donations from Nichols alumni and trustees who have helped raise more than $35 million of our goal.

At the top of our list is dedicating $12 million for student scholarships. Our endowment has increased by $2 million, most of which will go to financial aid.

In addition, we have recently added nine endowed scholarships and are aiming for another 15 over the next two years. It’s both notable and highly appreciated that a dedicated Nichols faculty is funding one of those scholarships.

Other monies will go to curricular and co-curricular activities, as well as improvements to campus life. But what this campaign really adds up to is the confidence of its many donors in what we as an educational institution are doing.

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