Thoughts for A Happy Holiday

It’s easy to see that the holidays are upon us at Nichols. One sure sign is the visible relief on our students’ faces after they’ve completed their final exams in mid-December and are preparing to head home. A few days later, you’ll notice the same expressions on our faculty members, who have just filed the final grades for their classes.

The students have spent a challenging term learning to lead, building the necessary skills for the 21st century work world, and developing the close relationships with professors available at our college.

For their part, our faculty members have spent the term doing the challenging—and sharing a wealth of real-world work experience in their respective fields, from marketing and accounting to sport management and criminal justice management.

Speaking of close relationships, the Holiday Open Houses with faculty and staff were a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season. I enjoyed hosting the get togethers at my home and getting to know the faculty and staff on a more personal level.

Christmas came early for our capital campaign. By the time we formally launched the initiative in September, we had already raised $35 million of our $45 million goal.

What’s missing this holiday season is the prospect of a white Christmas. With the temperature for the day before predicted to reach 67 degrees here, it might seem closer to the Fourth of July. But that won’t stop any of us from celebrating the day and the season.

The Nichols campus and everywhere else may be bereft of snow, but not so sure about the weather after the first of the year. Starting in mid-January last year, we endured a four-week, eight-foot onslaught by the fluffy stuff. It was a winter to remember.

To all of our students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, and friends, a very Happy New Year.