A Big Night for Criminal Justice

Earlier this month I invited five Criminal Justice Management majors to join me in hearing former FBI agent Richard DesLauriers speak at the Worcester Economic Club. As the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Boston Field Division, he was at the center of the Boston Marathon bombing investigation as well as the arrest of notorious Boston crime boss and fugitive Whitey Bulger.

The Nichols students seemed riveted during his speech and later said that his was one of the most informative talks they had heard. While the evening for them represented a continuing education in their chosen field, for me it was sheer fascination.

Richard revealed the behind the scene details and the collaborative law enforcement work that went into capturing the Boston Marathon bombers. He also explained how his FBI team decided to track Bulger, who had been on the lam for with his girlfriend for 16 years, by seeking tips from people who might have encountered or spotted either one of them. The strategy worked.

2016 3 25 WECThe evening began with a private reception for Richard. He was extremely gracious, greeted each student by name, and asked and answered several questions. He even mentioned Nichols College twice during his speech.

As always, our students made me proud. They were dressed professionally, poised and articulate, and appeared very comfortable in the social/networking part of the evening before the formal program.

There was one other Nichols representative at this gathering—Criminal Justice Management Professor Kim Charbonneau, under whom our program has flourished and expanded the horizons of every participating student.

Kim is truly exceptional with respect to her commitment to CJM students. She works with them on internships, travels with them to conferences, and is completely dedicated to their professional engagement and success.

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