Dinner with a Dear Friend

2016 4 7 Kuppy dinnerNichols has been fortunate to have a treasure trove of alumni and trustees who have given back to the College in so many ways. On Tuesday evening, March 22, our faculty were the first-hand recipients of that generosity as they gathered for Kuppy’s annual dinner held at the Publick House in nearby Sturbridge.

For the record, Kuppy is Robert B. Kuppenheimer, who graduated from Nichols in 1969. Since then he has given back to his alma mater in so many ways, from monetary donations to scholarships bearing his name. The most personal of these gifts is the Faculty Appreciation Dinner, which has taken place for almost two decades. Kuppy has long said that this is his way of thanking and recognizing the Nichols faculty.

In my years of attending this event, I’ve always been pleased to see the large turnout of faculty and their guests. Also attending are the recipients of Kuppy’s scholarships, available to Nichols students from west of the Mississippi.

I’ve also truly enjoyed the guest speakers, including this year’s speaker Michael Detarando, the CEO of Charlton-based Incom, which makes state-of-the-art fused fiber optics.

In his address, Michael shared with the audience the “profound” impact that the Nichols onsite, customized Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program has had on his company’s participating employees, who graduated last spring. Michael felt our degree program helped those employees be more creative and innovative in their leadership at Incom. He also described the courses his employees took as “fantastic,” and that “the faculty is second to none.”

As for Kuppy, his generosity is exceeded only by his modesty. When I can get him to talk, he always speaks from the heart about how important the Nichols faculty are to students’ connection to and love for the College, as well as to their career success. And he did so again this time around. Kuppy told the faculty: “You are the heart and soul of this institution; you are appreciated, 100 percent. This institution is indebted to you for what you are doing to help students meet the challenges of the business world.”

At Nichols, Kuppy’s dinners have always brought a new meaning to Bon Appetit.

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