My Experience as “President for a Day”

Written by Irving Eggleston Jr.

I wanted to be president for a day because I was really interested in finding out what the president does and how busy her days can be. The average student see’s the president at graduation handing out diplomas or at alumni events and even some sporting events on campus, but there is so much more that goes into her position on campus. Furthermore, switching places with the president of your institution is not an opportunity that is offered every day.

2016 4 20 PrezDay IE4Starting the day off presenting my three ideas for things I would change at Nichols in front of the President’s Council was a great opportunity for me to relay a few of the student ideas that could potentially better the Nichols College experience for them in the near future. The ideas I discussed were: keep the dining hall open later hours, create a shuttle service to local plazas around the Webster and Dudley area for students who don’t have vehicles, and create an annual spirit week in the fall semester that students and faculty could participate in.

2016 4 20 PrezDay IEI found it amazing to sit down and discuss topics that affect incoming freshman, current students, and the alumni who support the school in a variety of ways. I learned, through firsthand experience, that the president has one of the toughest jobs on campus and there is a reason why Nichols has improved so rapidly over the four years that I have been fortunate enough to be part of the herd. It is because she is able to wear so many different hats successfully. One moment she may be asked to handle a res life issue and the next moment she could be asked to give a presentation to alumni highlighting all of the new renovations happening on campus.

2016 4 20 PrezDay IE 2And, no matter how busy her schedule is, she frequently finds time to go to the Dining Hall and have lunch with any student who wants to talk. The highlight of my day was calling different alumni on the telephone and discussing my day and briefly exchanging memorable moments on campus with them. I personally found it humbling that these successful individuals, who once roamed the same halls as me, still dedicate their time and resources to the Nichols College community and the students who aim to follow in their footsteps.

I would highly recommend students to apply to become the president for a day because of the experience as well as the knowledge you come away with after the experience is over. That should be more than enough to entice students years to come to apply and embrace the experience if selected.

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