Student for a Day

On March 29, I had big shoes to fill (literally and figuratively) when I traded places with senior Irving Eggleston who was selected to be “President for a Day.” I had a great deal of fun in the classes and was excited to learn new information. Lucky for me there class prep was not onerous, so I wasn’t up until the wee hours.

2016 4 20 PrezDay SWE2My first class of the day was Introduction to Political Science with Professor Smith. It was eye-opening for me to learn details about the Electoral College and the nomination process that I hadn’t known. How timely in this election year! My second class was Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations and Governmental Entities with Professor Behrens. There was a terrific presentation by a student on the Wounded Warriors Project and a lively discussion on how to evaluate the effectiveness of nonprofits with respect to spending on their stated priorities. Religion 270 with Professor Berard ended my day with meditation and a movie. I must admit it was my first experience with meditation, and learned it does actually help to lower stress. Hmm, probably should have learned this long ago. All three of the classes were interesting and great learning experiences.

2016 4 20 PrezDay SWE3I wanted to live the day as Irv does, so that included having a lively lunch conversation with his buddies, Guy Cherenfant, Shrey Chetteri, and Marcos Echevarian.

2016 4 20 PrezDay SWE4After lunch I went to the gym for a pick-up game of basketball with the team. Actually, for me there was no game, but I did get instruction on how to make free throws. Never knew it was all in the wrist flick. Later in the afternoon, I shot some pool with Irv’s roommates Dino Porcic, Nick Saint Jean, and Shrey Chetteri. I had a great time chatting with the guys but am mediocre at best at pool.

Looking back on the experience, I am excited about the lessons I learned and the students I met. Looking forward, Irv and I are planning a town hall meeting to discuss his suggestions for change. Also, I’m already looking forward to the experience next year!

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