Meeting the Parents and Friends

There are three times when I most often see the parents of Nichols students—on “Move In” day at the beginning of the school year, Friends and Family Day in the fall, and Graduation Day in May. For the first and last of these occasions mom and dad are always occupied—with the sometimes nervous anticipation of another school year and the pride in their children’s college accomplishments respectively.

It’s on Friends and Family Day, which took place this year on the third Saturday in September, where we can sit and talk, and I heard individually what was on the minds of dozens of moms and dads. Most were parents of first-year students, and they wanted to talk about how easy the adjustment had been for their son or daughter and how happy their child was at Nichols.

They praised the beauty of the campus and the caring attitude of faculty and staff. Some asked about what our next major building projects might be, while others wanted to be sure that their son or daughter knew who I was and vice versa.

I remember one parent who brought along a friend’s daughter—a high school junior—because she thought Nichols was a perfect fit. I met others who knew a colleague of mine from years ago, another who said she knew my daughter-in-law… and the list goes on.

One father was there with his senior daughter and they were going hiking that afternoon, and he talked about what a terrific four years his daughter had at Nichols. One student brought his grandmother up to meet me (Grandma was understandably proud).

I enjoyed the chance of getting to know so many parents and friends better.