Outstanding Women

Recently I spoke at the 2016 Outstanding Women in Business awards presented by the Worcester Business Journal. I attended the ceremony in part because Nichols is one of the sponsors of the event. But a more compelling reason was to celebrate the six winners, all of them leaders in major central Massachusetts companies and non-profit organizations.

I’ve written a number of times in this blog about our College’s Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL). Over the past three years, this amazing program has shown that it means business—literally. As I explained to the audience that evening, the IWL continues to develop innovative programs—negotiation workshops, “Lean In” discussion circles, trips to New York City to meet and network with female executives, and the list goes on—all with the aim of developing outstanding women graduates.

The IWL also plays an important part of our spring conference “Empowering Women in Business,” attended by hundreds of women annually in a setting where—at least for a few hours—men are hard to find.

I told the six winners simply that they were amazing, from making dramatic career changes—and getting the higher education to do so, even in mid-life—to starting and running businesses in male-dominated fields. That strikes a familiar chord at Nichols, where for adult learners, Nichols offers bachelor’s degrees and three graduate degrees: an MBA, a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and a Master of Science in Accounting, not to mention several certificates.

All of this year’s winners have distinguished themselves in their fields, made a significant contribution to their businesses and organizations, and have proved to be—in a word—outstanding!

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