Student for a Day 2018

On April 4, I traded places with senior Tamyia King who was selected to be “President for a Day.” I had a great deal of fun in the classes and was excited to learn new information, although I am embarrassed to admit that I was up until 1:00 am preparing for class! I had the best intentions of preparing well in advance, but my job and life seemed to get in the way. I wonder if that sounds familiar to students.

It was fun walking across campus in jeans and sneakers with a backpack and fondly remembering my days as an undergraduate student decades ago. Since my first class wasn’t until 2:15, I spent the morning in the library, sitting by the old clock, chatting with students passing through on their way to pick up a document they printed for class or tucking themselves in a quiet corner to do the same as me – finish class prep.

2018 4 17 SWE BLaw 1My first class of the day was Business Law with Professor Barnes. Legal details and cases can be dense and difficult to understand, but Professor Barnes takes incredibly complex concepts and makes them understandable through examples. One of the examples of contract law was demonstrated with a hypothetical concert that would include well-known artists – Neil Diamond for me and Kanye West for other students. Professor Barnes made an hour and fifteen minutes fly by through interactive discussions, terrific examples, and mini lectures.

My second class was World Court which is team taught by Professors Kim Charbonneau and Allison McDowell-Smith. This 2.5 hour class flew by with me wishing there was more time. Our homework assignment was to watch a movie in preparation for the class. We spent time in small groups reviewing questions related to the movie and then had a full class discussion that addressed a very difficult time in world history – the Nazi regime’s horrendous treatment of Jews and the horrific conditions in concentration camps. Time was also dedicated to planning for an upcoming class presentation and discussion of a May trip the class will be taking to the Netherlands.

Both classes were dynamic, interesting, and great learning experiences. They reminded me of why I always hear from alumni – whether they graduated 5 or 50 years ago – that our faculty made their experience at Nichols both valuable and memorable.

My evening included time in the Call Center. Tamyia was also there and I observed while she made calls to accepted female students. She is one talented and articulate caller! Richard Vazquez was in front of us making calls to prospective students, and at one point he was on a call with a mother that was having difficulty communicating in English, so he slipped into Spanish without a beat! Tamyia and Richard are two of many great examples of the talented students we are so fortunate to have working with the College in calls to alumni and prospective students.

2018 4 17 SWE TK 1Looking back on the experience, I am excited about the lessons I learned and the students I met and am already looking forward to the experience to the next year! And I’m really wishing there will be a Neil Diamond/Kanye West concert pairing. Also, I sure wish I was heading to the Netherlands in May.

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