Ringing in the Academic Year

September is always a special month on college campuses. Although the extension of hot weather in central Massachusetts has made it feel like summer break isn’t really over, it’s easy to spot the returning energy, interest, and enthusiasm that go with a new academic year for students, faculty, and even a college president. I always continue to be impressed with how we launch into the fall term.

What’s also impressed me this year is the non-stop innovations our academic programs are producing, all with an eye to improving the real world experience and employment future of our student body.

We have just debuted our Bloomberg Marketing Concepts (BMC) initiative, which matches state of the art facilities on campus with advanced information streaming from the business world. Our students now work with the same software and financial data provided by that esteemed business publishing company.

Our Accounting department also has something new to offer—the full deployment of a mentoring initiative that brings students into regular contact with accounting professionals, including Nichols alumni.

Accounting majors have long interned with companies throughout Massachusetts, often a prelude to their being hired afterwards. But the students who helped pilot the mentoring program last year agree that it’s a priceless opportunity to shadow experienced professionals and talk with them about the field they’re about to enter.

Our Master of Science in Counterterrorism degree, meanwhile, is entering its second year. It equips graduate students (many of whom have completed their undergraduate careers at Nichols) with an education and skill set that is in high demand for positions like analysts in the intelligence community, homeland security agents, and state and local officers who serve as a front line of defense against extremist activity. The program also offers subject-matter experts within the field of counterterrorism and violent extremism at the federal, state, and local levels of organizations.

Oh, to be a student again!