Spring Semester Resolutions

As February dawns, our spring semester is in full swing, and there’s plenty I want to see happen at Nichols this term, from progressing on our new strategic plan to catching up with the freshmen from my “Lead 101” class last fall.

I’m interested in student reactions to our new space featuring a vaulted ceiling and walls of windows in Lombard Dining Hall—and completed during the holiday break to keep disruption to a minimum. I’m also looking forward to welcoming prospective Bison at two Accepted Student Receptions and giving a fond farewell to our graduating class in May.

Speaking of graduation and beyond, our current overarching goal—to retain 80% of our first-year students for their sophomore year by 2020 —has the Nichols community more focused than ever on ensuring that students succeed here and are prepared for what’s next.

While a small proportion of them go directly to graduate school, most will enter the workforce. As we fully implement our leadership initiative across all four years of the undergraduate degree, they all will be ready to demonstrate their value to future employers.

I’ve always said that those soft skills—leadership and teamwork in particular—make a hard impression.

My personal “New Term” resolutions:

To get out of my office more often and chat more with faculty, staff, and students.

To continue to balance my time on campus—completing the necessary tasks but also finding time to attend a sports competition or student-run event.

To be sure that my Apple watch closes all three rings every day.