Remembering 9/11

The Nichols College Herd joined together as one to remember those who lost their lives, those who served, and the countless sacrifices made in the days, months, and years after the attacks on September 11, 2001.

I simply will share that I have never seen an academic community come together, sua sponte, to deliver such meaningful, educational, patriotic, and warm reflections. The academic panel was extraordinary (put together by Professors Nagle and Brown), the ceremony in Daniels coordinated by Mrs. Butler and Professor Tom Stewart (Colonel, US Army Ret.) was beyond exceptional, and the moving, emotional, perfectly executed outdoor ceremony/address and five bells delivered by Professor Len Samborowski (COL, US Army Ret.) and Justin Dolan all show this community in a shining light.  Truly an extraordinary example of what makes Nichols College great… and yes, we are great.

Always in our memories and our hearts. #NeverForget

Excitement Is In The Air

We are truly in the swing of things with several weeks of school under our belt. Students are in the classroom with normal capacities, athletes are on the field and court for practices and competing in their games, students are getting together on the Quad and the Shamie deck, and our community is enthusiastically embracing the new academic year. American Dining Creations has had an incredible start to our year and we can’t thank them enough for all they have done. In the coming days, more dining campus locations will open for our community and more options will be available.

Sulmasy Family

This is the first time since March of 2019 that spectators were in the stands supporting our Women’s Volleyball team at their home opener. It was truly remarkable seeing the community come together to cheer fellow Bison on. We had our first Friday Night Lights home opener game where the Bison Nation SHOWED up. Marla, the kids, and I could really feel the Nichols Pride from all those in attendance. A special moment for me I will never forget was when our youngest child, Callum, and I took center field to conduct the coin toss. Fellow sport teams, faculty, staff, alumni, and students filled the stands to cheer on the Football team as they arose to the victory over Westfield State 21-6. Over the Labor Day weekend, our men’s and women’s tennis and soccer teams, field hockey, and cross country competed all around New England bringing home WINS. I could not be prouder of how determined our Bison athletes are and am excited to see their momentum continuing onward. 

Women’s Volleyball Game

Exciting news flash – Nichols College was named to Princeton Review’s “Best in the Northeast” list. The combination of our world-class faculty, emphasis on experiential learning, data science and automation, and incredible return on investment makes Nichols an enviable business school and college. This recognition affirms that we are truly a college on the move! Read more below.

It’s been a great few weeks, you can definitely feel that life is back on the Hill and the excitement is in the air! We are on the move and charging forward in every aspect of the community.

Go Books. Go Bison.

The Herd Is Back

Earlier in August, we welcomed back over 400 athletes from our Football, Field Hockey, Men and Women’s Soccer, and Women’s Volleyball teams to begin their preseason. I had the opportunity to talk with all of them individually and I definitely can feel their excitement for their season. Between our skilled coaching staff and the athletes drive and passion, Bison Pride is everywhere. Student leaders returned to campus as well. Resident Assistants started their roles in guiding our students in all things residing on campus and our Ambassadors continued sharing their love of Nichols to prospective students at our Leadership Early Acceptance Program.

The flash flood that happened a few weeks ago surely packed a punch to Dudley leaving Vendetti Field looking like a lake. But that did not stop our Bison. The women’s field hockey team still persevered practicing in a downpour and our football team helped a teammate in need when their car got stuck in impassable roads. When there is a will, there is a way with these Bison, and it sure was apparent when Mother Nature struck.  

On August 21, I attended the Parent’s Lakeside Social, organized by the Alumni Relations department, where I had the pleasure of meeting some of our Class of 2025 parents. Hosted at the beautiful destination of Webster Lake, it was great being able to talk with parents and hear about some of their experiences when they were a Bison back in the day.

There was a lot of momentum here on the Hill with the arrival of students moving in. With a staggered move in starting on Thursday and continuing through Saturday, I was able to meet with each class and get to know the students. On Thursday, we officially welcomed the Class of 2025 to the community.  It was so exciting to meet all the students and their parents.  The march over Budleigh Hill was remarkable! On Sunday, we celebrated the start of the new semester with Bison Day – games, a club fair, some great food, and a lot fun. It was a great day together as one Herd.

I am more than thrilled to have our students back on the Hill and in their routines of attending classes, athletic practices and games, and extracurriculars. It’s going to be a great year!

Go Books. Go Bison.

Bison on the Move

Well, it has been just a terrific first month here for us on The Hill.  Your warmth, support, advice, and counsel has been so appreciated.   The Nichols family is alive and well and ready for the Fall Semester of 2021.  We are excited to bring the campus back to life with in person classes, student events, and athletic games. 

There is a lot happening, on so many fronts, it is hard to keep track of all the excitement.   Just to note a few:  1) We have new dining facilities coming on line – state of the art and the envy of any residential campus;  2) New food service provider, American Dining Creations (ADC) will be an incredible addition to the community offering wonderful food, and wide selections for our students; 3) We will host a campus wide Convocation (kicking off the academic year) on the afternoon of September 24th with no less than the Honorable Joseph P. Kennedy III in attendance to thank the community for all it undertook last year and to welcome Marla and me to the Commonwealth; 4) Remillard Hall has been updated over the summer; 5)  Building opportunities for our students at our on campus Golf Course; 6) placing priority upon our students to all receive an experiential learning opportunity during their time at Nichols; and so many other items. 

Additionally, over the past six weeks, I have had the chance to see, first hand, the very talented, and dedicated staff and faculty working to ensure the campus does indeed come alive this fall and deliver the top-notch education we are known for providing.  They are enthusiastically dedicated to student success, both inside and outside of the classroom.  Truly a remarkable group.  Additionally, I have met with our Alumni leaders and our extremely professional and supportive Board of Trustees. They are ALL IN for what I call shattering the notion of Nichols being the best kept secret in New England.  No more – it is time to break out of the pack. 

Last, it has been an honor to meet with the students and their families over the summer.   They are exceptional in every respect and remind us all why we are truly on a marked upward trajectory —  it is our fabulous student body leading the way!

Bottom line, Bison are on the move.

Marla and I can’t wait to welcome The Herd back on The Hill soon, and to make this academic year one we will never forget.

Go Books.  Go Bison.