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Dr. Engelkemeyer’s Story

My husband Dave and I have two grown children, Kristen and Jason. We were also blessed with our first grandchild Grace Ann in December. Both of our children live within a few miles of our home on the south shore area of Massachusetts, so many of our weekends are spent with our kids, their spouses and dogs Brad, Erin, Mack, and Cooper, and of course “Gracie Girl.”

My greatest passion as a young person was horseback riding. I competed for several years and chose my undergraduate college because of its Equestrian Studies Program. After many years out of the saddle, I rekindled my riding passion at Cornell University’s Oxley Equestrian Center while I was working in Ithaca, New York. I am training in dressage, a new riding discipline for me, with Oliver, my gorgeous 16-hand Oldenburg/Quarterhorse Cross.

So, enough about me. What’s your story? What was a transformational experience for you at Nichols? What’s your “other side” – a hobby or passion that brings joy and energy to your life?”

Tell us your story…

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  1. I was hired in 1966 by Col James Conrad, and I have served under every single Nichols College President. Somehow I don’t feel that old. My wife and three children moved into a dorm (most faculty lived on campus as dorm directors) and I (along with Mike Vendetti ) coached football. As a professor emeritus I teach one or two classes in the fall semester and I leave for Florida second semester. My son graduated from Nichols and my two daughters graduated from Regis and Mt Holyoke. I have witnessed all the changes in Nichols history. Call on me if you wish . Good Luck! I’m sure you will do fine.

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